Gentlemen today I’m going to make a bold promise to you. If you start taking care of yourself physically every single aspect of your life will improve. You will look better feel better you’ll be happier you’re going to be healthy you’re going to meet more women you’re going to have better relationships you’re going to be a better dude because your confidence is going to skyrocket through the roof. But that being said there are some things that I see guys doing when it comes to fitness that is totally screwing the pooch. These ten things are going to prevent you from progressing when you’re not progressing you’re getting frustrated when you’re frustrated you’re like screw this fitness nonsense I’m going to go eat a cheeseburger and sit my ass on a couch. No, I forbid you to take the easy way out. It’s difficult it’s tough it can get frustrating especially if you’re not seeing progress but the good news is today I am gonna tell you about the mistakes.

01. Not working on the entire body:

The first biggest mistake I see guys making they’re not working their entire body. This is something that is very common amongst young dudes who first start the work.

Not working on entire body

They started with something called the mere muscles. Mere muscles are the muscles that you see when you’re looking in the mirror chest shoulders arms triceps. It is just effective for those parts only. But the whole body will remain the same. That is not helpful for your body.

So instead of getting a good healthy body, you get a bad one. So don’t start with that. You gotta work on the total package.

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02. Not sticking with a program:

The second biggest mistake I see guys making is that they’re not sticking with a program long enough to see if it’s actually working.

Not sticking with a program

Guys get impatient super frustrated like you try something for a week you’re like, this isn’t working its shit. I’m going to try something else and if it doesn’t work for a week you’re like I’m trying this and that and you listen to all your friends. And you’re all over the freaking place. Stop, take a deep breath.

Understand this you need to try something for a long enough period of time to see if it’s working. And then you can adjust and modify. There are three variables that you can really focus on and change in order to sort of get yourself over plateaus and ups. They are cardio, your diet and strength training.

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03. Overtraining:Overtraining

The third thing I see guys doing that is totally sabotaging results is overtraining. I am guilty of overtraining. And overtraining is very bad for you bad for your body.

Guys, I found a great article at Go and read it because you need to identify why it’s happening how to fix it and some of the signs. So basically you will be able to tell if you are overtraining or not.

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04. Lack of Protein:

The fourth mistake I see dudes making is not taking in enough protein. You build your body up, your muscles, you’re tearing them down when you’re working out. You need the amino acids found in protein in order to rebuild them bigger stronger and all that good stuff.

Lack of Protein

Now the question is-

  • How much protein does a guy need to take in?

I personally believe that you need about one gram per pound of lean body mass. I am about 10% body fat I weigh around 150 pounds so that equates to around 135 grams of protein a day. So I need 135 grams of protein I don’t like to eat more than say 30 35 grams of protein at a sitting. Because I personally believe that your body has a tough time assimilating it or absorbing much more than that. I only eat three times a day and so I’m still needing a little bit of extra protein.

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05. Weight loss and Fat reduction goals:

The fifth mistake I see guys making that is totally sabotaging their weight loss and fat reduction goals is they’re scared to do fasted cardio in the morning. Muscle fiber, muscle tissue is not some precious little snowflake that vanishes like a fart in the wind. If you don’t eat every three hours, cardio on an empty stomach is the single best way to burn body fat. I gotta say that. Here’s the deal you got to make sure you’re doing it in your target zone.

You’re wondering what the hell is target zone?

I’m gonna help you calculate your target heart rate zone right now. Here’s how it works take 220 minus the age that’s going to give you your max. Mine is 220 minus my age 26. It’s going to give you a number. 194 is mine. Then you’re going to take 194 multiply that by 0.8 or 80% that’s going to give me a grand total of 155, this is the top of my target fat-burning zone. Again multiply that same 194 by .65. It’s going to give me 126. When I am doing cardio on an empty stomach and my heart rate is beating between 126 and 194.

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06. The form of Exercise:

The sixth thing you sir totally screwing up on is your form is friggin terrible. You work out too fast that is the thing I see guys just ripping it out. Now you understand that that is actually not going to do anything but ultimately possibly get your hurt. It’s about controlling the weight through the entire range of motion.The form of Exercise

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07. Bad Form:

Bad FormOne of the causes of bad form is the seventh thing that you’re lifting too heavy. That is totally screwing everything. You’re letting your ego get in the way of actual progress. “How much you bicep curls?” said no woman ever. The only people who care is you. Guys workout for you. Don’t fool yourself. All that rocking and shifting is not actually lifting it.

08. Don’t Stick With Machines:

I am gonna give you props for using free weights because the number eight is relying too heavily on machines. Guys, there is something to be said for both free weights and machines but if you are exclusively working out on like Hammer Strength machines, you’re totally missing out on the beauty and the ability for free weights to work all the little stabilizing muscles.

Don’t Stick With Machines

When you do a bicep curl it’s not just your bicep when you’re using a dumbbell. It’s your shoulder that’s stabilizing your triceps stabilizing your abs have to contract when you’re locked into a machine you’re only really working that specific muscle.

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09. Diet:


The night thing that you’re doing that is totally screwing your fitness pooch is your diet sucks. Working out, fitness in the gym, bench pressing, doing all that stuff is the easy part. That’s the fun part. It only is really 20% of the equation. 80% is what you actually put into your mouth. And if you are eating a crappy diet that doesn’t have many nutrients you’re totally sabotaging your fitness game.

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10. Making Excuses:

Making ExcusesThe 10th mistake that you’re making that I sure wish you weren’t and that is making excuses on why you can’t start. Think about it like this, when is the first time you thought about exercising? Doing some push-ups, going for a walk, losing some weight, last week last month last year six years ago. If you would have started then where would you be now? Gentlemen, there is nothing that will change your life and your happiness your success your everything like taking care of your body physically. Exercise is the single most important aspect of my day. Every single day I do something for me and my body it is critical to everything else.


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