Do you consider yourself a skilled swimmer? Have bravely tested the water of several oceans and seas. If so that’s great. But no matter how well you can swim or dive there are places you should definitely steer clear up. Some have treacherous underwater rocks, floes, and tides. While others have gained notoriety for legends of monsters and mysterious creatures dwelling in their depths. In this blog, you’ll learn all about the dangerous and terrifying bodies of water you should never ever go swimming in. In fact, even just dipping your hand or foot into the water could cost you your life.

10. Lake Karachay:

Lake KarachayLake Karachay, a lake in the southern Ural Mountains in central Russia. It has been called the most polluted place on earth. During the 50s when the Soviet Union didn’t really care that much about being super safe with how they dealt with their nuclear waste. Some of it was just dumped into this lake. Some parts of the lake are so radiated that they would kill you in an hour if you stuck around. The Russian government has begun filling up the lake with concrete. So if you still want to go swim there even after hearing this you better get there while you still have the chance.

09. The Strid:

The river wharf in Yorkshire England has an extremely narrow part called the strip which is a local variation of tried. This section is so narrow that you could literally leap across it but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. In fact, just stepping into this babbling brook isn’t a good idea.The Strid The wharf itself has an extremely strong current and due to the narrowness of The Strid, that current gets even stronger in this area. The sheer force of the moving water has cut cavities into the surrounding limestone that is much deeper than the rest of the river bottom. But that’s not the end of the story. That same powerful current has also weakened the banks of The Strid and undercut them from below. That means that the place where you are standing and staring at the rapid flow is most likely a frail ledge hanging over dangerous waters. People who are unlucky enough to fall into The Strid or ignorant enough to try and enter the water were instantly pulled to the bottom. Over the years nobody who has gotten into the river has ever made it out alive and you wouldn’t know the threat just looking at this tiny narrow moving body of the water. And that’s the scariest part of all.

08. Horseshoe Lake:

There is a lake in California that you’d easily call a weekend paradise. Sandy beaches, picnic areas, hiking trails Horseshoe Lake has it all. All this and 100 acres of dead trees. Well, it doesn’t just kill trees. It kills people too.Horseshoe Lake The earthquake of 1989 and 1990 are to blame they cleared the way of carbon dioxide to break out from the underneath hot magma and come spewing out into the air killing the surrounding trees and every living thing in the vicinity. Nowadays Horseshoe Lake is still just as deadly as it was 30 years ago. The danger lies in the fact that the levels of this lethal gas changed absolutely at random. You can be enjoying a peaceful lakeside picnic at one moment and be dying from asphyxiation the next moment. There are tons of warning signs posted around the lake. But the area continues to claim lives.

07. Kipu Falls:

In Kauai, Hawaii there is a group of beautiful waterfalls that until recently was this destinations tourist hotspot. They are Kipu Falls and until they were closed to the public in 2011 they were an extremely popular place for swimming and diving.Kipu Falls In order to reach this gym, you’d have to walk along a dirt path for a while until you’d be rewarded by the side of a 20-foot waterfall crashing into a crystal-clear pool below. Now the question is why this area fenced off from tourists. Well, it’s also a hotspot for tons of injuries and deaths. Obviously, some people were hurt while jumping from the top of the waterfall. But many deaths weren’t so easy if at all possible to explain. Witnesses recount some swimmers peacefully bathing in the pool at the bottom of the falls that simply drown without any obvious reason. They just disappeared all of a sudden under the surface never to be seen again. Their bodies were later retrieved from the very bottom. The locals believe that the water spirit Moe drags people down because it doesn’t like to be disturbed by noisy tourists. Others said there is a powerful whirlpool ray at the bottom. Whatever the case, authorities have ordered travel guide publishers not to mention Kipu Falls anymore.

06. The Samaesan Hole:

It is named after a nearby fishing village. This amazing Hole is a sight to behold a whopping 280-foot drop. It’s the deepest diving site in the whole Gulf of Thailand. amazing, exciting and mesmerizing. It’s also the most dangerous. It’s become a watery grave for countless divers and here’s why.The Samaesan Hole First of all, it’s situated in a high traffic zone of huge oil tankers. Secondly, there is extremely strong current around this place plus brave divers who decided to conquer the Samaesan Hole have to deal with deadly Barracuda. And as you start your descent your visibility becomes very poor. That increases your chance of not seeing one of these aggressive sea predators coming your right your way at the nearly pitch-black depths. But that’s not all. The US Navy used to dump ammo in the Samaesan Hole and the site is literally covered with unexploded bombs.       

05. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna BeachIn Volusia County Florida, you’ll find a New Smyrna Beach. When you see it in pictures you can’t imagine a better beach getaway. You’d be better off staying on the beach though unless you like swimming with sharks. The thing is that lots of fish live in the waters near this place and all this prey attracts sharks. In fact, there’s so many of them near New Smyrna Beach that according to the shark attack file this place is the shark attack capital of the world. Scientists say that if you decide to swim there you’ll definitely come within 10 feet of at least one shark, by the way, the bull shark. One of the most dangerous and aggressive species has been spotted in this area.

04. Hanakapiai Beach

Hawaii makes this deadly list again for its beach located on the Na Pali coast. Hanakapiai Beach looks like a paradise on earth. To reach it you need to walk along a rocky two-mile trail that happens to be extremely steep. If you make it safely to the beach you won’t see any lifeguards. This place is too remote to have any and even if it did they wouldn’t be able to save your life anyway if you decided to go for a refreshing swim.Hanakapiai Beach The biggest danger that would most likely lead to your untimely demise rip current. These currents are so powerful that even the most experienced swimmer in the earth wouldn’t be able to get out of their deadly embrace. There are no reefs to protect the shores of the beach which is why the currents are almost always present and due to the geography of the area there is no safe place to swim towards. The nearest safe Beach is six miles away. Visitors of Hanakapiai Beach beach are sternly recommended to stay out of the water. For this purpose, there’s also a somber sign standing on the beach. It’s got more than 80 marks on it. One for each drowning and the bodies of 15 of its victims have never been discovered.

03. Berkeley Pit

Berkeley PitThis body of water on our list is one of the few that doesn’t trick you with deceptive beauty. Berkeley Pit is in Butte Montana literally looks like a lake of blood. Forget about swimming you can’t even touch the surface of the water with your hand or foot. This reservoir used to be an open-pit Copper Mine. So nowadays heavy metals like cadmium arsenic zinc-lead and copper leaked from the rocks surrounding the lake making the waters highly oxygenated and a cynic. In 1995 there was a flock of geese found in the Berkeley pit and all 342 birds were dead. Their internal organs had severe burn marks from the water.

02. Exploding Lakes

Exploding LakesThere are three Exploding Lakes known to people so far. In Cameroon Lake Monoun and Lake Nyos and In Rwanda Lake Kivu. These lakes appeared over pools of magma separated by a dam volcanic rock. Sometimes magma releases methane and carbon dioxide right into the water. When it happens these toxic gases suddenly burst out of the water. Sometimes even causing lake tsunamis. In something called limnic eruptions, poisonous gases get free from a toxic cloud that kills nearby animals plants and people. 37 people suffocated to death at Lake Monoun in 1984 and in 1986 an explosion on Lake Nyos killed 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock.

01. Pustoye Lake

This Lake in Western Siberia can boast crystal clear freshwater beautiful forests on its shores and absolutely no life in or around it. There are no fish in the lake birds don’t fly over animals steer clear of this picturesque location and don’t even come to drink. Scientists have examined the water of the lake but nothing toxic poisonous or the least bit dangerous has been found.Pustoye Lake The researchers did notice some bubbles going up to the surface but those turned out to be as harmless as the water itself. In an experiment to get to the bottom of things, the scientists release the most undemanding fish. Pike carp and perch into the lake. After some time even these robust species died. The same exact thing happened with aquatic plants the researchers tried to grow in the lake. The vegetation simply rotted. All this has made the lake a thing of legends. Its name is surrounded by whispers myths and even some conspiracies. And while Pustoye Lake looks like an absolutely normal water reservoir and scientists have found nothing foul whatsoever, don’t try your luck taking a swim in it.


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