Do you have a habit of sleeping, eating, and exercise? Well, you may have but many of us don’t. As a result, we all get fat and become frustrated. But we have found some tips that can burn your fat and you will be able to lose your weight faster. Welcome to and today we are going to talk about 10 facts that will help you to lose weight fast.

01. Drink a Protein Shake Before Go to Sleep:

Drinking protein before bed helps you to burn down your fat.Click to Tweet

Sounds crazy, right? You may have never tried it before.Drink a Protein Shake Before Go to Sleep

A 2014 study has already proven that.

While you’re resting, it increases the number of calories the body burns. But that’s not all. Protein also helps you to repair your muscles. So when you will have more muscle mass it will burn more calories when you are sleeping.

Now the question is

  • How much protein should you drink before going to bed?
  • Does it have any bad impact on your health?

Well, many studies have proved that 30 grams of protein shake before sleeping is good enough for you. As protein can build your muscles faster you may have a conception that it can make you ugly looking or may destroy your regular metabolism.

But Study has also proven that protein has no side effect on your body on top of that it will make you more efficient and energetic.

So try it and have a peaceful sleep without worrying about anything.

A Protein Shake Before Bed? Here’s What The Science Says

02. Avoid Fat-Free Products:

We often think that a fat-free product is good for health. Really, are you sure about it?Avoid Fat-Free Products

Well, always remember that fat-free product is not calorie free.Click to Tweet

It has proved that fat-free food is not good for health.

Now the question is

  • Why the fat-free products are not good for health?

Ok, let’s go and find it out.

First of all, it doesn’t fulfill your appetite. So, as a result, you ended up eating more food. And eating more is not good if you are on a mission to lose weight.

Second thing is that these foods are filled with low performing carbs to reduce fat. But the curbs make you digest the foods so fast and the feeling of hunger also comes back fast. This means you will eat more and will gain weight.

Why Fat-Free Isn’t Trouble-Free

03. Sleep 6-8 Hours Per Day:

If you sleep five or less than five hours per night or per day, you will get two times more belly fat as a reward. I believe you really don’t want this award anyway.

People who sleep 6-8 hours have less belly fat than those who get less than 5 hours of sleep. It has proved by the researchers of Wake Forest Medical Center. This true for everyone especially for people under 40.Sleep 6-8 Hours Per Day

Now you might ask me a question

  • how does less sleep make us fat?

Well if you don’t sleep as much as you should make you hungry. But it might not be true that you will always feel hungry.

But if you don’t feel hungry it’s because the secretion of cortisol is affected by sleep loss. It’s a hormone that regulates the feeling of hunger.

04. Don’t Drink Coffee On Empty Stomach:

Let me ask you a question.

  • Do you take coffee in the morning? Or do you just take coffee in the morning?

Do whatever you want but don’t go for coffee first.Click to TweetDon’t Drink Coffee On Empty Stomach

Coffee in an empty stomach is really bad for our health. It has proved that when you drink coffee in an empty stomach, it produces acid in your stomach. Which is good enough to damage your stomach lining. It also causes indigestion. And the important part is that coffee in an empty stomach store fat.

Why You Should Never Drink Coffee On Empty Stomach

05. Avoid Soda:

How much do you know about soda?

Well, let’s go and find it out.

  • Do you know a regular 12 ounce of soda has 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar? Click to Tweet

If you know then you should also know that a can per day can make you fat. Studies have proved that if a woman reduces soda intake to just one can per week it will help her to reduce 1 pound.Avoid Soda

You might have a question

  • Does it really work?

About 218 women took part in this research and at the end of the research, all of them lost a ton of extra weight. Don’t you think it is good enough to prove? Well, I think it is.  

10 Reasons to Avoid All Soda 

06. Drink Lots of Water:

We all know Water is an important element for our daily life. You can survive three weeks without food but you can not survive more than three days without water.

  • But how many of you know that it can reduce your fat? And how?

When you drink more water it helps you to reduce your fat stored in your body. It increases resting caloric expenditure. A study has proved that if an overweight woman increase daily water intake for 12 months help her to reduce 4.4 LBS.Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking water before meals helps you to reduce the calories you consumed during the meal by 13%.

And the most important thing is that water is calorie free. So it definitely helps you reduce calories. People who drink mostly water in their day consumed less than 200 calories per day than who don’t. And as for metabolism, it helps you more than any other thing.

How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight

07. Drink Green Tea:

It is proven that Green Tea can help you to reduce your fat. If you drink three cups of green tea a day, you can burn 35-43% of fat. So definitely it helps you to reduce your weight.

There are many studies showing green tea as a great fat burner for workouts. Green tea contains EGCG and tons of antioxidants. EGCG helps to burn the calories of your body. EGCG also increases the level of no epinephrine. It’s a hormone that breaks the fat cells and uses it as energy.Drink Green Tea

Green tea gives a metabolic boost to your body.

It also contains vitamins A, B, B5, D, E, C, K, H, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc, Caffeine, and Manganese. Click to Tweet

Another thing is that our body generates heat which is a part of metabolism. So when drink green tea there might be a slight increase in heat in your body which helps you to burn more fat.

10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

08. Have Small Dinner:

Eating less is always a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you are on a diet or not always consume exact amount of food you need. Not more than that. It’s always a great idea leaving the table having less food rather than about to explode.Have Small Dinner

Small size dinner make your body good. When you are in deep sleep our brain produces a growth hormone. So the thing is when you eat more this hormone stores the food as fat in your system. And if that happens I believe you know what happens next.

So next time when you are about to have a large dinner think twice.

09. Be More Active:

If you add a little physical activity to your daily routine, it will help you start losing weight quicker than you can imagine. As we know the workout is always good for health so there is no doubt that it will help you to reduce your weight.Be More Active

Try to get ways to gradually add some physical activity to your daily routine. All these activities add up to you losing more weight. Now you can ask

  • How can you do this?

Well, start in the morning. Wake up early in the morning. When you get up in the morning, workout for at least 30 minutes.

Studies have proved that morning workout helps to burn 3 times more fat than any other time’s workout. At the end of the month, you will lose about 4-5 LBS. Click to Tweet

10. Avoid Alcohol:

We all love Alcohol at parties or on special occasions. But if you drink alcohol every day it is definitely not good for you and your body. Having alcohol before bedtime produces fat in your system. So eventually you will gain nothing but weight.Avoid Alcohol

  • Now the question is “how?”

Well, a study has proved that if you drink alcohol before bedtime or close to bedtime, it will make your body metabolize the alcohol while you are sleeping. It will keep you away from achieving a state of REM sleep. If you get into a state of REM sleep it will help you burn your calories. But alcohol before bedtime keeps you away from it. If you take a glass of wine with dinner then it’s ok. But don’t drink alcohol within three hours before going to bed.

9 Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol


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