We all have the daily task to do. But all of them are not interesting or all of them are not boring. But there are so many products out there that can make your boring tusk interesting. Despite all of these all need something or some way that can make everything easier. So we are going to talk about the life hacking products today. Here are the top 10 list of day to day life hacking products.

10. Pizza Scissors:

Pizza Scissors

Do you find yourself struggling to cut pizza? Well, when you make pizza at home you want perfect slices while the makers of the Pizza Scissors claim that you would get perfect slices on any pizza on any surface and it will also serve as a way to remove your pizza from the pan on to your plate. So you don’t need a spatula. It even has a handy serving feature. So you will never drop a slice while serving it to others. It’s also easy to use, easy to wash and much safer than a blade.

9. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer:

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

We all use toothpaste every day. But getting toothpaste out of the tube is an irritating task. As per result, we waste a lot of toothpaste. To get rid of it we can use Toothpaste Tube Squeezer. It is very easy to use. Just put the bottom of the tube inside the squeezer and then roll it. That’s it. You will get your paste out of the tube. It is very cheap and reusable. When the tube is finished you just have to get the tube out of the squeezer and put a new toothpaste tube. It will also help you to use the whole tube of paste without wasting ant paste.

08. Lifestraw:

LifestrawWater is life. Not really. Pure water is life. So to be fit and diseases free we need pure water. For that, we can use a filter in our house. But you on tour or hiking and you are out of pure drinking water, you may see yourself in danger. So always keep a Lifestraw with you. It is a personal water filtering straw. It helps you to get rid of 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria and give you pure drinking water. But of course, it can’t filter the ocean water. But still, it is useful to out day to day life. It is easy to use. You have to stick one end into the water and sip out the other end to get pure drinking water. It is also easy to wash. It will cost you almost $20.

07. Cable manager:

Cable managerIf you have a computer, laptop, phone then you might be familiar with the problem of the cables. Often you don’t find the right cable for the right devices. A cable manager can help you there. You need to organize your cable properly. A cable manager is a very little thing. You can stick it on your table, wall, bed and wherever you want to. Just put the cable inside the manager and when you need it just get it from there. It is a very simple thing but helps you to organize your room properly.

06. ICECOLDNOW The Cold Wave:

ICECOLDNOW The Cold WaveWe found a pitcher that can cool down steaming hot beverage in under two minutes. The cold wave comes from freshly brewed coffee into iced coffee just like that and doesn’t dilute it. The fast cooling action works thanks to the chamber insert which is made up of high-density plastic tubes filled with filtered water. There is no chemical used. And it is also dishwasher safe. Keep the insert in the freezer until you want to drinks. Then just put it into the pitcher full of liquid. It will cool two 16 ounce hot drinks completely. Cooldown your coffee or tea or chilled wine beer or even carbonated drinks without sacrificing.

05. Baby Shower Cap:

Baby Shower CapEvery day we are looking for something or some way that can help us to make our life easier. There are so many things out there that can help you. As for your baby, you need something special. It is not easy to shampoo your babies hair. So a baby shower cap is a perfect help. It keeps the shampoo, water out of your baby’s face. It protects your little baby’s nose, eyes, mouth. It is very helpful and cheap at cost.

04. Ironing board mirror:

Ironing board mirrorIroning board mirror is a multitasking product. By the name of the product, you can surely understand the purpose of the product. You can use one side of the board as an ironing board and the other side as a mirror. It is easy to use. Just fold the board down to use as an ironing board. When the ironing is finished just fold it back and then it will serve you its 2nd purpose as a mirror. You can fit it anywhere in the room. It is a less space consuming product.

03. Nicer Dicer:

Nicer DicerEvery day in the kitchen we use knives and chopping board to cut the vegetables. Sometimes we cut our finger for using it. But to make your life, even more, easier there is nicer dicer. It can help to cut vegetables, fruits and many more. It is a whole complete box full different type and shape of a cutter. It is very easy to use and maintain. You cut everything without hurting yourself. Choose a cutter and cut the vegetables within a very short time. So it saves your time to do something else. And it is also very easy to wash.  

02. Crescent Odd Job Multi-tool:

Crescent Odd Job Multi-toolA simple tool that can solve 99 problems. This is interesting. The odd job does the same thing for you. A multitasking tool that can help you to solve different problems. It is very little thing for thousand little things. It is perfect for any house. It has a soft mallet hammer, steel face hammer, small nail extractor, a utility knife to break or open the boxes. It is also useful to fix or built furniture. And can be used as any kind of screwdriver.

01. Adjustable shoe rack:

Adjustable shoe rackWe use a shoe rack to organize our shoes perfectly. But a pair of shoe takes too much space in the rack. So to save your space use the adjustable shoe rack. It saves half of the space of your rack. It can be fitted with all kinds and sizes of shoes. It lets you stack your shoes on to of each other. The most important thing is you don’t need to change your shoe rack. You can free some space in your rack by using this unique convenient shoe shelf. So you will get double space to use.   


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