We all hate to spend a lot of time to do chores. Every day we like to do everything quickly. To make our life easier there are so many gadgets out there which help us to save our time or to do the perfect job at the perfect time. Today we are going to talk about the top 10 gadgets that have made our life easier.

01. Clocky:Clocky

Suppose you have a very important meeting this morning or you have an interview but you are late cause you have turned off your alarm and fall back asleep. You have to face a very difficult situation in your office for being late because of getting up late in the morning. So in this lazy world, you need something unique that can force you to get off the bed just on time. For that CLOCKY is here for you. Clocky is an alarm clock with wheels. So definitely it can move around you. It was invented by Gauri Nanda in 2005. It is also an Ig Nobel Prize-winning gadget. As it has wheels it runs off when the alarm sounds. You just can’t snooze it to fall back asleep. Even if you do it will start alarming after a while and it will run here and there. So the only way to turn it off is you have to get off the bed, go for it, search for it, find it and then turn it off manually.

02. Ruggie:

RuggieWe have done this almost every day. Maybe you have done the same thing this morning. Surprised? Maybe you are thinking I have gone crazy or what am I talking about. But no, I’m okay. Because I know you have hit that snooze button this morning. It’s not your fault. Over 33% of doing it at least 3 times per day. These irresistible urges to snooze and stay in our comfy beds is something we fight every morning and it makes us late, rush out the house, gets stuck in stressful traffic and lose valuable and beautiful time of morning. But it’s time we stop losing to the snooze. This is Ruggie the world’s best alarm clock. Getting up early has never been easy.

But Ruggie will do it so easily. This rug has a pressure sensor inside. So alarm will not stop until the sensor senses your pressure. To turn it off you have to stand on the rug at least for 3 seconds. So at any cost, you have to get off the bed. Not only that, as you are up rug rewards you with customizable speeches that helps to start a perfect day.

03. Fidget Cube:

Fidget CubeDo u like to fidget with anything? You may think it is satisfying yourself. But maybe it’s just a bad habit. Consider yourself clicking on a pen, tapping on the table, shaking your knee in front of a large audience or in a meeting. I don’t think it will make you feel good or to the people beside you. So if you have a bad habit of fidgeting you need something special to stop doing all the bad thing you do in front of the people. So here is Fidget cube for you. A perfect solution. Fidget cube special plastic desk toy designed to satisfy any urges of clicking, rolling, spinning and other common fidgety impulses. It helps you to focus on your studies, on your work and improves productivity. It helps you to cope with the boring meeting, pay attention to your class. You can take it with anywhere you want. It reduces your stresses and truly satisfies your fidgeting needs.

04. Charge Cards:

All of us familiar with credit cards. There is something new called Charge cards. Now the question is how does it work. Before that let’s talk about how does a credit card work. You buy something using your credit cards and end of the month you get a bill to pay. Let’s say you get 21 or 25 days to pay the bill. But when you get to the due date you have to pay at

Charge Cards

least the minimum payment which is normally a percentage of your payable amount. If you don’t pay it will charge interest on it. Now the Charge card works the same way credit card does. But at the end of the month when you get the bill you have to pay it in full. Maybe you have 25 days to pay the bill and you have to pay the bill in full. There is no minimum amount for the Charge cards. Even if you pay 95% of it and just a little bit you don’t, you will get hit with late payment fee. It will directly charge you interest on it. Credit cards have credit limits but Charge cards don’t have any spending limit.

05. Ember – The World’s Most Advanced Mug

Ember - The World’s Most Advanced MugCold coffee always sucks. A little temperature can change the test of coffee. So you need something that can keep the same temperature of coffee until the last drop. How can you do this? Yes, you can do with the Ember mug. The world’s most advance mug. You have to connect it with your smartphones to get the notifications. The mug has a temperature increase and decrease knob in the bottom. So you can just fix your desired temperature. You have to put your coffee inside it and wait for some seconds with your desired temperature. When it reaches your desired temperature you will get a notification. Then test your coffee with your perfect taste. A perfect solution for all the coffee or tea lover.

06. Wocket Smart Wallet:

Wocket Smart WalletYou have to pay your pay your bill but you have so many cards in your pocket. You have to choose from there to pay. This is just a waste of time. Time is money so save your time. Here’s a simple solution. Just put a wocket in your pocket. The world’s first smart wallet. You don’t even need your smartphone to operate the wocket. It is a self-contained smart card and wallet. The wocket comes with a credit card scanner. You need to plug in the scanner, swipe your card in and you are good to go. The smart card will be converted into your credit card. The unique thing is that it has a fully functional touchscreen.

It works really fine and responsive. You need to select your card from the screen and swipe the smart card and the smart will be programmed to be the card that you have wanted. You can also show your code and information on the screen. When you put the smart card back into the wocket all the information of the card will vanish unless you giving it to somebody. It will cost you $229 and it totally worth it.

07. Dusty brush:

Dusty brushThere are many different cleaning products available today but they all have limits. They are often not able to be used in certain areas. Dusty brush is the universal vacuum cleaner that knows no limit. The principle is so easy. Normal vacuum cleaners have one way in. But dusty brush does not have one latch to blow receive opening instead has many tubes through the small opening. So you won’t have a decrease in suction and the vacuum cleaner will not be overloaded. Just for the brush the tubes are flexible and fit perfectly on all even services. It doesn’t matter if it is a small proof hidden corners. If you bend the brush it will not break. It will go back to its original position. It will help you to clean boxes or cases with small elements. It used to be very less time consuming to clean up.  

08. iPhone Lens:

iPhone LensEvery day countless photos are taken with iPhones. And one of the best ways to get better photos is if you have an additional lens. We have many lenses in the market. Olloclip is one of them. It offers three different lenses in a portable design. It has a fisheye lens, wide-angle lens and a 15X macro lens which covers most of the bases that people are going to have to use lenses for. You just have to put the lens on the camera with the clip and then capture the picture you want. It will increase the quality of your picture. As it is portable you can carry it with you all the time.  

09. Bluetooth tracker for lost keys:

Every day you may waste a lot of time to find your keys, wallet, purse, phone and many more. What if you can just track them to save your time. Tile mate helps you to do so. All you need to do is you have attached it with your keys, wallet, purse or any things you don’t want to lose it or you want to find it fast. Tile mate is the redesigneBluetooth tracker for lost keysd version of tile. It is, even more, thinner than tile. If the tile is out of signal you can find it. You just need to use your phone. While you trying to find it it will ring and give you the location. Even if your phone is lost you hut have press your tile to make your phone ring. If the tile is far away from you, the will try to find it for you through the tile community. When the tile community member comes near your tile will send them a notification.

10. Solar-powered battery keychain:

Solar-powered battery keychainAll of our gadgets need power. So it would be better if we always carry something that can charge out devices immediately. Haipaitech Bingo mini solar charger is one of them. It is a multifunctional device. You can use it as a keychain as well as a power bank. You can charge it through your computer. But important thing is that this device has a solar panel on it. So when you are out you don’t have worry about charge. It can be charged immediately through the solar panel. And it can supply power to your phone, smartwatch, camera, and many things. It has three powerful LEDs. So it can be used as an emergency torch.


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