Sports are something people of all kinds enjoy. But, the world of sports is so huge, that it is impossible for even the craziest sports enthusiast to know all about. Here is a list of 10 sports you most probably didn’t know to exist.

10. Shin Kicking:

Shin KickingIt is a very literal game. This game has a history of 400 years, yet unknown to most. This game is quite simple. You kick your opponent in the shin until he falls on his knees. You do that, you win the round. You win 2 out of 3 rounds you win the game. This game mostly played in England.

09. Chess Boxing:

Chess BoxingThe name says it all. It a test of physical and mental strength. The game is divided into 11 rounds. Each round having 4 minutes chess and 4 minutes boxing.  You can win by checkmate or knockout.

08. Zorbing:

ZorbingYou get in a Zorbing Roller and roll down a hill. Simple as that; Yet, looks fun.

07. Ultimate Tazer Ball:

Ultimate Tazer BallThe goal is to score goals. The weather is chilling cold, there is a net, there is a gigantic ball, you have to score a goal. That’s it! Wait, there’s more. Every player has a Tazeremitting around 5 miles APMs of electricity. I think you understand the rest.

06. Mind ball:

Mind ballThere are a mini ball table and a ball. The players have to move the ball back and forth using the power of their minds! No kidding they actually have to use their minds to move the ball. Two players stand in opposite ends of the table wearing a headband. Electrodes connect the headbands with the table. They actually use their minds to move the ball.

05. Swamp Soccer:

Swamp Soccer is another literal game. You play soccer in a swamp. There are two, 12-minute halves. Swamp Soccer World Cup 2014 was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Yes, it is a thing.Swamp Soccer

04. Cycleball:

Cycleball is football played on bikes. This sport has been around for about 120 years. The players are on fixed gear bikes without breaks. And the ball has to be controlled using the bike. You’ll need crazy skills to play this game!Cycleball  

03. Underwater Ice Hockey:

Underwater Ice HockeyThis sport is what you call crazy. You wear a wetsuit, find a pond or lake with a frozen surface, go inside and play hockey upside down!

You actually play hockey on the frozen surface inside the pond or lake! This is the definition of crazy!     

02. Hurling:

HurlingHurling is an Irish game with a history of 3000 years. Hurling is a combination of football, lacrosse, hockey and some other games. 2 teams of 15 players play this game. Both teams are trying to put the ball in the net. If the ball is in the air players can use their hands to throw; if not; they have to use the stick to pick up the ball. This is a quick sport, and the ball can travel at the speed of 120-130 mph. No other country dares to play this game.

01. Royal Shrovetide Football:

Royal Shrovetide FootballThis game throws everything you think crazy down the pipe hole. The only rule of this game is, no murder. That’s it. Every year twice a ball is thrown in a mob of two teams. There is no area limit, no limit in the number of participants. You went to watch the game, you liked it, you start playing. Simple, isn’t it? To end the game a player has to bang the ball three times on the wall. This game is being played at least since the 12th century, and you most probably didn’t even know!


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