A limit is just a word. But our human nature does not allow this word. Our human nature always wants us to do something beyond our limits. When you do something beyond our limits it’s called record. It doesn’t matter if it is a world record or just a personal record. Every year thousands of records are broken and thousands of records are being made. It is increasing day by day. In this list we about to talk about some of the most unbelievable records of the world. These are the 10 most unbelievable world record ever.

10. Longest kiss:

Longest kissKissing is good for health. It has a good impact on our health. If you are in stress just kiss your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. It will lower your stress. It also produces endorphins and even burns your calories down. This is going to be a happy news to Ekkachai and Laksanka Tiranarat. Because they have continuously kissed each other for two days to break a world record. They are from Thailand. They were in a contest where every couple was required to kiss continuously with no sleeping and sitting permission. The husband and wife team was kissed each other for 46 hours and 24 minutes.

World’s longest kiss 58 hours

09. World’s oldest person:

What is the average lifetime of a person? Maybe 80 years. But Jeanne Louise Calment made a world record by living 122 years and 164 days. She was the oldest verified human being on the earth. She lived by herself till 110 years.World’s oldest person She took up fencing till 85 years of age. She has also ridden her bicycle until she was 100 years of age. She used olive oil to maintain her good health. She used it on her food too and also rubbed it onto her skin. In 1997 she died with a good health.

08. Longest time on the FBI most wanted list:

Longest time on the FBI most wanted listFBI almost find every criminal in a very short period of time. But there is one criminal who has broken all the records of all time. He is in the FBI most wanted list for so long. His name is Victor Manuel Gerena. About 65 years ago FBI published a list of 10 most wanted criminal. 90% of them have been located but there is one man (Victor), who is still not located. From 1984 to now he is still in the most wanted list. He worked as a security guard. Victor fled away with $7.1m with his car and tied two of his co-worker. FBI believed that he is in Cuba. There are $1m rewards on his head or for his any kind of information.

07. Longest Time Spent In Direct Contact With Ice:

Longest Time Spent In Direct Contact With IceIf someone put you in a lot of ice cubes how long can you survive? I believe not more than 5 minutes. But if I say someone has done it for more than 1 hour you will be surprised surely. A man named Wim Hof from the Netherlands has done it. He is also known as Iceman. He stayed about 1 hour 42 minutes and 22 seconds in ice and made a world record. He has made the record on January 23, 2009.

06. Tallest dog ever:

Tallest dog everThe name of the tallest dog of the world was Zeus. He was 1.12 meters or 44 inches until his death. This dog was owned by the Doorlag family. He finds out that his dog is the tallest dog ever when he was watching TV and he found out the previous title holder Giant George on Oprah Winfrey. He realized that he has the tallest dog ever. Measuring Zeus is not an easy task. He was scared at the measuring tape. Standing on his hind leg, he was 2.2m or 7 ft 4 in tall.

05. The oldest person to climb the seven summits (including Carstensz):

Before starting you may have a question what is seven summits. The highest mountain of seven countries is known as seven summits. Climbing the seven summit for a young person is definitely an achievement. But if an old person has done this then it is a big accomplishment. Roman Blanco has done this extreme challenge at the age of 73. This is something that you have to say impressive. He started climbing at the age of 42. His first achievement was climbing Aconcagua. He has climbed on the six other mountains. And the biggest accomplishment was the Everest. He has done it on his 60th birthday. By the age of 73, he completed all of his challenges. He has proved that nothing can stop for doing something big and age is just a number.

04. The youngest person to climb Mount Everest:

The youngest person to climb Mount EverestImage yours at the age of 13. Maybe you were just a school kid playing with toys. But have you ever thought that at the age of 13 you can climb Mount Everest? A boy at the age of 13 has done it. Yes, I’m being serious. His name is Jordan Romero. He is from California. He has broken the previous records of teen of 16. His name is Tsheri and he is from Nepal. Romero has climbed on top of the hill with his father and some local Sherpas.

03. Twin Tower Walk:

Wire walking is a familiar thing. But if it is more than 1300 feet from the ground then you have to say is magnificent. In 1974 French high wire artist Phillip Patsy summoned the courage to perform his most daring tightrope act.Twin Tower Walk And he did it without any authorization or permission. If he went for the authorization he wouldn’t be able to hold the world record. Because no one gonna allows walking on a wire above 1300 feet. He walked across a cable suspended over 1300 feet in the air between the two towers of World Trade Center. Just making it across from one building to another is not enough for him. He stayed about 45 minutes and made 8 trips from one building to another. He also made a dance performance for the viewers.

02. Heaviest aircraft pulled by a man:

Heaviest aircraft pulled by a man Kevin FastDo you thought to lift weights at the gym was tough, then imagine yourself pulling the weight of a 416,299 lb aircraft several meters across the ground! This is exactly what Kevin Fast did. He made this record in 2009. Before him, the Reverend Doctor broke a record by pulling CC-177. He pulled it over 8.8 meters across Canadian Force Base. Kevin has also records of pulling the heaviest house and the heaviest vehicle.

Kevin Fast Plane Pull

01. The oldest wing walker:

The oldest wing walker Thomas lackeyWind walking is a fairly self-explanatory extreme sport. It involves a performer pulling off acrobatic stunts on the top of the wings of an airplane all while it’s soaring through the sky. You have to say that this is a very risky endeavor to even attempt to pull off. But it didn’t stop UK resident Thomas lackey from giving it to go. His first attempt was at the age of 80. But at the age of 93, he did it again and become the world record holder of oldest wing walker.


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