Are you a cricket lover? Do you love to play cricket? Then you must know what is a wicket-keeper batsman. Each and every cricket team in this world has wicket-keeper batsman. But there are some wicket-keeper batsmen who are the best. They have records with the bat and gloves. And most importantly they are the global entertainer with the bat and the gloves. Here is the list of top 10 wicket-keeper batsman of all time.

01. Kumar Sangakkara:

Kumar SangakkaraKumar Sangakkara is the former captain of Sri Lankan National Team. His nickname is Sanga. On 27 October 1977, he was born in Matale, Sri Lanka. He was the left-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He is known as one of the most influential cricketers of all time. He is one of the greatest batsmen ever. He holds many records with his bat and gloves. He is an example of master class wicket-keeper batsman. He has many partnership records with his teammates. He has also held the world record of most dismissals by wicket-keeper in ODI. He used to wear number 11 jersey.

He started his career in 2000. His One Day International debut was on 5 July 2000 vs Pakistan and Test debut was on 20 July 2000 vs South Africa. In his 15 years of career, he scored 28016 runs across all international format. He has played 134 test matches with an average of 57.40, 404 ODIs with an average of 41.98. He has 182 catches and 20 stumpings in test and 402 catches and 99 stumpings in ODIs. He also held the record of 13 stumpings in the Cricket World Cup. He was the number one batsman between 2005-2015. On August 20, 2015, he has retired from international cricket.

02. Adam Gilchrist:

Adam Craig Gilchrist, shortly named as Gilly was born on 14 November 1971 in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia. His nicknames are Gilly, Churchy, Wingnut. He started his career as a left-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He was the most attacking and aggressive batsman ever. He is also known as the greatest wicket-keeper batsman in the history of cricket. Before Sanga, Gilly was the one who has the record for most dismissals by wicket-keeper. He has also the fastest century record in a test match. He has hit 100 sixes in test matches. Before him, no one has done it.Adam Gilchrist

Gilchrist started his international career in 1996. His debut ODI was on 25 October 1996 vs South Africa and test debut was on 5 November 1999 vs Pakistan. On 17 February 2005, he started playing T20. It was his debut T20. In his whole career, he has played 96 test matches with 379 catches and 37 stumpings, 287 ODIs with 417 catches and 37 stumpings, 13 T20 with 17 catches. By the end of his career, he scored 15461 runs in total across all format. On 4 March 2008, he played his last international match and retired from international cricket.

03. MS Dhoni:

MS DhoniMahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the greatest wicket-keeper batsmen in the history of Indian cricket and international cricket. He was born on 7 July 1981 in Jharkhand, India. He is the former Indian captain. He is also known as Captain Cool. He is a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He is one of the greatest and attacking batsman ever. His unique keeping style has made him even greater than any Indian wicket-keeper. His helicopter shot is popular in the world. In his whole career, he has received many awards including ICC ODI player of the year in ‘08 and ‘09.

He has already played 90 test matches, 332 ODIs, and 93 T20s. He is retired from test cricket with an average of 38.09 and 256 catches and 38 stumpings. But he is still playing ODIs and T20s with a great form. In his ODIs, he has already scored 10173 runs and 1487 runs in T20. 307 catches and 113 stumpings in ODIs and 54 catches and 33 stumpings in T20 have made him stronger than any other wicket-keeper in the history of Indian cricket.

04. Brendon McCullum:

Brendon Barrie McCullum was born on 27 September 1981 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. He is also known as Mr. Fantastic. He was a right-handed opening wicket-keeper batsman. He is one of the greatest wicket-keeper batsmen in the history of cricket. A perfect example of skill, power, athleticism, and smart-thinking. He is also destructive with the bat and athletic behind the wicket with his gloves. He is one of the most dangerous players because of his Mcscoop and reverses sweep.Brendon McCullum

He started his international career in 2002. In his whole career, he has played 101 test matches with an average of 38.64 and more than 200 dismissals. Around 260 ODIs with an average of 30.41 and around 300 dismissals. He played 71 T20 international and scored 2140 runs and around 40 dismissals. On February 20, 2016, he has retired from international cricket.

05. Mark Boucher:

Mark BoucherMark Boucher is a former South African wicket-keeper batsman. His full name is Mark Verdon Boucher. On 3 December 1976, he was born in East London, South Africa. He is also known as Mr. 555 because of his test dismissals. He was a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He was a perfect example of a classical wicket-keeper batsman. He held the record of 998 dismissals in international cricket. It could have been 1000 but a serious eye injury put an end to his career.

In his 147 test matches career, he scored 5515 runs and over 555 dismissals. He ended up his ODI career with 4686 runs, 403 catches and 22 stumpings in 295 matches. He played 25 T20 international. He scored 268 runs and 19 dismissals.

06. Andy Flower:

Andy (Andrew) Flower is a former Zimbabwean wicket-keeper batsman and captain. On 28 April 1968, he was born in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa. He played for Zimbabwe for more than 10 years. And eventually the finest batsman Zimbabwe has ever had. He was a left-handed wicket-keeper batsman. After that, he was the head coach of England cricket team.

Andy FlowerHe started his career in 1992. He may be a batsman from minnow team but richer in a master class and classic than anyone. With the average of 51.54, he ended up his test career. 63 test matches and scored 4794 runs. He played 213 ODIs and scored 6786 runs. He was good with the gloves behind the wicket. He had more than 150 dismissals behind the wicket in both formats.

07. Alec Stewart:

Alce James Stewart, former English wicket-keeper batsman, and a captain were born on 8 April 1963 in Merton Park, England. He was a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He played test and ODIs for England. He started his career in 1983. His debut ODI was against Sri Lanka on 15 October 1989. On 24 February 1990, he started his international test career.Alec Stewart  In his whole career, he played 133 test matches and 170 One Day International. In his test career, he scored 8463 runs with an average of 39.54. He was brilliant behind the wicket too. In his test career, he gloved 263 catches and 14 stumpings. His ODI career was great too. He scored 4677 runs with an average of 31.60 and behind the wicket 159 catches and 15 stumpings. 8 September 2003 was his official last match for international cricket.

08. Brad Haddin:

Brad HaddinBradley James Haddin, a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman of Australia was born on 23 October 1977 in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia. He was vice-captain of Australia in all three formats of cricket (Test, ODI, and T20). He started his career in 2001. His debut ODI was on 30 January 2001 and it was against Zimbabwe. Test debut was on 22 may 2008 and T20 debut was on 9 January 2006.

In his whole career he was he was great with the bat and behind the wicket. In 66 test matches, he scored 3266 runs with an average of 32.99 and 262 catches and 8 stumpings. He played 126 ODIs and scored 3122 runs with an average of 31.53. As for behind wicket he got 170 catches and 11 stumpings. In his 29 T20 matches he scored 402 runs with 17 catches and 6 stumpings.

09. Matt Prior:

Matthew James ‘’Matt’’ Prior, a former English cricket who was born on 26 February in Johannesburg, Transvaal Province, South Africa. He was a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He was aggressive with the bat and great behind the wicket. His aggressive batting allowed him to open the innings in ODI matches. Prior was 1st wicket-keeper batsman who hit a century in his debut match.Matt Prior

In his whole career, he played 79 test matches and scored 3920 runs. His average was 40.83 and caught 217 catches and 13 stumpings. In his 68 ODIs, he scored 1282 runs with an average of 24.19 and got 71 catches and 8 stumpings. He played only 10 T20 international and scored 127 runs, 6 catches, and 3 stumpings.

10. Ian Healy:

Ian Andrew Healy, a former Australian wicket-keeper batsman who was born on 30 April 1964 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He was a specialist wicket-keeper and middle-order batsman. After only six first-class games he made entry to international cricket in 1988.Ian Healy

In his whole career, he played 119 test matches, run scored 4356 with an average of 27.39. With an average of 21.00, he played 168 ODIs. In test career, he got 366 catches and 29 stumpings. And in ODIs 194 catches and 39 stumpings. He has retired from international cricket in 1999.



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