Navy is an essential part of a country’s armed forces. Navy is responsible for naval and amphibious warfare of a country. Life in navy is filled with adventure. On the other hand, the risk they take is dire. The list of top 10 Naval Forces was not easy to decide!

10. Republic of China Navy (ROCN):

Republic of China Navy (ROCN)The ROCN is the maritime division of the Republic of China with the primary mission of defending the water board surrounding it. With 38,000 personnel, 117 Ships, 28 Aircraft ROCN stands with pride while defending its country.

09. Republic of Korea Navy ( ROKN):

Republic of Korea Navy ( ROKN)The ROKN is the South Korean Naval Force. The ROKN has equipped with the Sejong the Great, class destroyers (KD-III). These are the most powerful guided missile in the ROKN. It has shown its capabilities in Korean and, Vietnam War.

08. Marina Militare:

Marina MilitareMarina Militare is the Italian Naval Force. Marina Militare translates to Military Navy. The Italian navy was founded in 1946 from what was left of the Regia Marina. With 30,923 personnel, 184 vessels, 70 aircraft the Italian Navy stands up to its motto, ‘Country and Honour‘.

07. Marine Nationale:

Marine Nationale is the French Navy. It translates to the National Navy. It’s been dated back to 1624.Marine Nationale This makes the French Navy one to oldest naval force in the world. It played an important role in establishing the French Colonial Empire. With 36,331 personnel, 2800 civilians, 180 ships, 210 aircraft Royale stands strong. Le Royale is the informal name of the French Navy.

06. Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF):

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)The JMSDF is the Japanese Navy. It was formed after WWII. With 50,800 personnel, 154 ships and, 346 aircraft JMSDF is proudly defending its borders. Though it’s primary task is to defend Japan’s navamostrder, it also participates in Peacekeeping operations and Maritime Introduction Operations led by the UN.

05. Indian Navy:

Indian NavyIndian Navy, the naval force of India was founded in 1912. Being one of the oldest navies is has participated in many wars and has shown its capabilities. Indian Navy is strong enough to take down any targets within South Asia. Rapid upgradation and modernization have made this navy strong and fierce.

04. Royal Navy:

Royal Navy is the naval force of the United Kingdom, is a part of the Ministry of Defense. It was founded in 1546, making it the oldest UK armed service. The Royal Navy, being an old one, has seen many wars and, has shown its strength. It is undoubtedly one of the strongest navies.Royal Navy

03. People’s Liberation ArmyNavy (PLAN):

People’s Liberation ArmyNavy (PLAN)A PLAN is the naval warfare division of People’s Army belonging to China. The PLAN has 492 ships and, Approximately 710+ aircraft but, no aircraft carriers; cruisers and corvettes. The PLAN engaged in many wars including Chinese Civil War, Battle of the Paracel Islands and, Sino-Vietnamese War and has made its mark in history.

02. Russian Navy:

Russian NavyThe current Russian navy was formed in 1992. This navy maybe is young but it came from a very strong naval force. Its predecessor was the Soviet Navy. Being equipped with the latest nuclear-capable submarines, destroyers, battleships the Russian Navy is now holding a very strong position. Do not mess with this navy!

01. United States Navy:

With 324,460 active duty personnel, 106,622 reserve personnel, 279 deployable ships, 430 total ships and, 3,700+ aircraft the US Navy is the largest and most capable navy in the world.United States Navy The US Navy was founded in 1775 and, has seen many wars. The list of the wars with US Navy engagement is too long. The US Navy plays the role of Naval warfare, power projection, nuclear deterrence, and sealift. With being equipped with such advanced technology, that it is unknown to the rest of the world, the US Navy stands at top of our list.



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